Low Blood Meat Certification


1) To publicise the benefits of LBM – Low Blood Meat, and
health hazzards of eating HBM – High Blood Meat!

Meat eaters assumed they were on a healthy / low fat diet; yet on their 50s/60s,  were  shocked when told they needed a Quadruple Heart By-pass Operation. Why?

Medics mistakenly  told them it’s to do with your inherited genes!
Not true, their inherited diet of eating HBM – High Blood Meat. 

High Blood Meat is full of impurities, and health hazzards which the un-suspecting eaters become victims. 

Halal & Kosher meat in Muslim & Jewish States is largely LBM which is heathy.
However in non Muslim & non Jewish countries, where the law insists on stunning before slaughter by cutting jugular vein & drain the blood out malpractices exist in some slaughter houses, viz, one man stuns the animal, and too long later another man slaughters, giving enough time, for rigor mortis – HBM High Blood Meat.

2) Setting quality standards for LBM
Inventing new Instant Test & Measuring Instruments, for
accurate percent of blood in meat, for those concerned, including
the Meat Industry, Retail Sellers & Consumers.

3) Certification of Low Blood Meat.
Meat to include Fish Products.

    The Low Blood Meat Industry covers:-
a) Large Producer Slaughter Houses serving Meat Processing Industry
b) Large Producers Meat Processing/Packaging Industry
c) Large Supermarket Chains Processing/Selling other/own Brand Names
d) Small Producers must wait till adequate quality controls are in place.